Petro Poroshenko at the opening of the bridge



Ukraine news: On the highway M-15 “Odessa-Reni” near the village of Palanca with the participation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko opened the new bridge.

President Petro Poroshenko took part in the opening of the new bridge on the highway M-15 “Odessa-Reni” near the village of Palanca (Moldova). The opening ceremony was held in the framework of the working visit of the President in the Odessa region.

“It’s not just the bridge that leads the road from Odessa to Reni. Is the whole South of the Odessa region, the entire South of Ukraine, Kiliya, Reni, Bolgrad, Izmail, Vilkovo – the tourist pearl of Ukraine and many other settlements, the regional centers, which were cut off because of emergency condition of the bridge,” said the President.

He stressed that the new bridge is not repaired the old bridge and rebuilt, wider and robust than the previous one .

At the same time the head of state reminded that the old bridge was built five years before his birth in 1960, and in 2013, the bridge was recognized as an emergency and allowed to operate.

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Poroshenko also assured that since built a new bridge, in particular, is on the territory of Moldova, was found the “international model” to resolve the situation.

“This is the bridge, which was built by Ukrainians for means of the Ukrainian budget, built from Ukrainian materials, so the joint diplomatic efforts of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the presidential Administration, the government found was the model that the object was actually the property of Ukraine on this stretch of Palanca” – he said.

Poroshenko added that the new bridge has passed all the necessary tests and is ready for use.