The President Of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

© Mikhail Palinchak/press service of President of Ukraine/TASS

KYIV, August 30. /TASS/. President Petro Poroshenko called on the us authorities to increase assistance to Ukraine, including deliveries of weapons of a defensive nature. On Wednesday, the head of state said at a meeting with U.S. Congress delegation in Kiev .

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“Petro Poroshenko urged to consider increasing allocations to the program for Ukraine, including the provision of arms of defensive character, as well as treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen”, – said the press-service of administration of the head of state, summing up the results of the meeting Poroshenko with the delegation of the U.S. Congress.

During the talks the President noted “the favorable position of representatives Committee on appropriations (house of representatives – approx. TASS) in the allocation of funds for programs to support Ukraine in the project of the budget of the United States in 2018”, – said the press service.

In addition, Poroshenko expressed hope for the support of the Congress “Ukraine’s efforts aimed at official U.S. recognition of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as genocide of the Ukrainian people.”

On August 24 the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis promised to expand cooperation with Ukraine in the field of defense and to consider the possibility of supplying lethal weapons.