At the initiative of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday, March 15, there will be a meeting of the Council of national security of the country, which can be accepted the decision on introduction of sanctions against “daughter” of Sberbank of Russia, a leading financial activity throughout the country.

On the extraordinary session of the national security Council said on Monday, March 13, the Ukrainian Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, a few days earlier had spoken in support of the termination of work of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine, according to “Russian conversation”.

A meeting of the Council was declared by the President Petro Poroshenko and will take place on Wednesday, March 15. On the agenda will be the question of the introduction of the national Bank of sanctions against Sberbank of Russia, aimed at ending its work on the territory of Ukraine .

“I believe that the Russian banks can work in Ukraine in such conditions, especially the state,” he said.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” in Ukraine had questions to Sberbank of Russia after the beginning of the service to financial institution clients with passports of the breakaway republics of Donbass.

On Monday, the Kiev offices of the savings Bank of Russia intervened representatives of nationalist organizations, zamurovali the entrance to the building of the Central branch of the Russian financial institutions.