The fifth President of Ukraine, leader of “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko said about the inadmissibility to solve the gas issue at a meeting of leaders “channel format”.

“Take this whip for Ukraine from Putin. Get a tool of pressure on our country. Put gas in the usual commercial product. There is nothing to do and presidents”, – quotes Poroshenko a press-service of “European solidarity”.

Poroshenko is convinced that the defeat doomed whoever the security and independence of changes in the price of gas.

The politician urged to remember how many times Ukraine has experienced a crushing defeat as a result of inclusion of gas in the political agenda.

He noted that in 1996, Ukraine’s debt for gas to Russia and that forced the then leadership of our state to agree to the extension of the Russian black sea fleet in Crimea for another 25 years.

Poroshenko also recalled the “Kharkiv agreements”. “What was their nature? Gas. We had very high gas prices. Moreover, the world-Russia accused that we are constantly stealing the gas. And to pay for gas, prices were signed these disgraceful treacherous “Kharkiv agreement”, – he said.

The fifth President of Ukraine explained that in 2015 the Russians “wanted to play the same game” autumn “Gazprom” has stopped gas supplies to Ukraine. He noted that then gave the command to hold talks and go for the purchase of gas in European countries and at the same time to prepare lawsuits against Gazprom.

“In the end, even from an economic point of view, today we have all grounds to say that we have a legal position for claims to “Gazprom” for 15 billion dollars”, – said Poroshenko.

On 9 December in Paris will host a meeting of leaders “channel format” (Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia) on resolving the situation in Donbas.