The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will come to the Munich conference on European security, there is an active preparation of the meeting of foreign Ministers “channel four”, said the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev.

“The President of Ukraine will take part in the Munich security conference. The President will have the opportunity to make a separate speech on European security”, – he told on air of TV channel “inter” on Friday evening.

K. Yeliseyev noted that the important will be the first in many last months meeting, “Norman Quartet” at the level of foreign Ministers, which will take place during the Munich conference.

“We are actively working on the preparation of this meeting. Of course, this is not an instantaneous process. Since this meeting will also be held negotiations at the level of diplomatic advisers and then to others,” he informed .

However, Deputy head of the AP said that on the sidelines of the forum will be a large number of multilateral and bilateral activities with the participation of the President.

“There will be meetings with representatives of the American establishment, a meeting with the presidents of several member countries of the European Union, with representatives of other countries,” he added.

According to K. Yeliseyev, during the conference a lot of time focused on the issues of implementing Minsk agreements.