Possible crime committed by the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Yuriy Hrymchak, it was revealed during the investigation proceedings concerning the attack on the activist Tatyana Chornovil (now the MP), but has no relationship to the crime, said the head of the office of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk.

“During the investigation of beating of Chornovil documented a person here who suspected us of involvement in the beating. In the process of documenting this man has information that is done a new crime, were involved Grymchak,” – said Gorbatyuk at a briefing in Kyiv on Thursday.

That is, according to him, we are talking about a new crime, “absolutely not related to the beating of Chornovol, but it is revealed during the investigation of a crime on the street”.

Gorbatyuk noted that while these facts are being investigated in one production, but after the implementation of the Prosecutor will make the decision whether to allocate separately the investigation and submitted to the jurisdiction.

Earlier in the day, the lawyer of the official Tatiana Matyas reported that the suspicion Hrymchak is not currently advanced, and the cases in which he is detained, is the case of the Maidan, “the case of Tatiana Chornovol”.

As reported, on August 14 the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the security Service of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General detained the Hrymchak and his assistant for extortion of a bribe in the amount of $1.1 million of Them were detained during receiving part of funds in the amount of $480 thousand

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko noted that Grymchak “and his aides demanded money for influence on the decisions of the courts and officials of the Ministry of culture for the adoption of customized solutions.”