Potap and Nastya Kamensky

Thu, May 4, 2017


Photo: from open sources

Potapov spoke about hatred of Nastya Kamenskih.

Today Nastya Kamensky celebrates its 30th anniversary. Her companion on the stage Potap admitted that some time could not come to terms with the explosive nature of Nastya Kamenskih.

The singer told how he grieved the fact that Nastya Kamenskih interested in more, says the Chronicle.info with reference to the Commander in chief.

“Anastasia seized all the space, because she loved people. And I could not understand how so? After all, I started this project, I do everything, write, write down, and the glory goes to Nastia? We just hated each other. We both have so strong personalities,” he shared memories of the farm.

So, when the group was in crisis, Potap recorded a duet with another popular singer Vera Brezhneva.

“We very strongly quarreled with Nastya, I was 100% sure that the Duo will break up. Tired . And I recorded a song with Vera Brezhneva”, – said the singer.

However, once the captain decided to talk to Cindy without emotion and cries about how they live. And both came to an agreement.

“We are each other come and say, well, we did wrong, what people like us alone. Both are bright, each independently and together – the super Duo. I say, let’s sing, while we will not stop”, – he remembered in conversation with the journalists of the program “Sravi way”.

Then Potap wrote the song “chumachechaya spring” which became the anthem of the spring, and for the Duo – a symbol of reconciliation.

“And we had a crazy rise again. Concert schedules through the roof. And so we have always been, and then do. This success so United, otherwise we all looked. And I think if we had separated, there would be no “Cumacea spring”, – said Potapov.