Finally Andrey Makarevich has lived up to the debut album, and a special premiere of songs from it on the site “MK”! No, we are not crazy and do not need to call an ambulance. Legendary rock musician, poet, writer, artist and citizen, author of a host of evergreens, included in the Golden Fund of Russian culture, music and poetry, indeed released the debut album from his new project YO5. With this initiative!

Photo: Margarita Shoal.

Passion for jazz is not a hobby of Mr. Makarevich is his alter ego, to whom he is loyal as selfless as a rock-n-roll.

At the time, “Creole tango Orchestra” became a sensation of the musical life, the program “Yiddish jazz” traveled around the world with phenomenal success, and the premiere concert of a new jazz project of musician YO5 was described in “MK” the detailed report.

Now debut album… songs old “Time Machine” Andrei Makarevich, which actually make up the repertory “concept” of the team . Makarevich admitted: over the years, he had an irresistible desire in new ways, now in a jazz style, to echo already known verses. New nuances, new mood, new accents…

In addition to Andrei Makarevich (guitar, vocals), the project includes Eugene the Wrestler (keyboards), Sergei Khutas (bass), David Tkebuchava (drums), Timur Nekrasov (brass).

Immediately after the creation of the draft three years ago, the musicians went on tour to Scandinavia – and since then has toured in Western Europe, USA, Israel, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus… a disc recorded in just one day on the famous Moscow ton-Studio with sound engineer Andrew Levin, includes 9 songs: “the Era of the great unlove”, “I draw you”, “She goes through life laughing”, “Pause”, “Old ship” , “Crossroads”, “Cardboard wings of love” “One day the world will SAG under us” and “Time back”.

Photo: Margarita Shoal.

According to Makarevich, the Studio was chosen because of the piano – the best in Moscow. Mastering of the album was made at London’s famous Abbey Road studios, in “the sacred place”, the walls of which are steeped in history of modern music. The vinyl version of the album will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies, the copies on other media not yet known, but the whole album the musicians decided to put on the Internet for free download.

They say, “if someone wish to help us offset the costs of entry, then thank you, and every penny received in excess of spent, will be transferred to Fund direct services to children with serious illnesses”.

Meanwhile, the new work of musicians once again showed how relevant a remain, or become once again, “historic”, it would seem, works of the “Time Machine”. Presenting today at the “MK” the premiere of the new-old song “the Era of the great unlove” Andrey raised in a short conversation this aspect:

– About 15 years ago I wrote this song. Then there was this air around us, which we thought, God willing, will soon be dispelled. Unfortunately, it all went in the opposite direction. I have a feeling that today the song “the Era of the great unlove” is more relevant than then.

The air, of course, not a fountain, you’re right. But, on the other hand, not whether it promotes the emergence of works with the “nerve”, so that they then remain in history as things iconic and mythic?

– A big misconception that the author is, you know, must be disgusted by what is happening and then he breaks out some netlenkoy. This is absolutely not related things. When disgusted, he is just as disgusting as all around, nothing more. If I is and acts as a stimulus that makes you write something. Still no.

As Okudzhava said, the most primitive response of a creative person when he stepped on the foot, he yells…

Remains to congratulate you on the release of the next album is extremely relevant songs and hope that maybe the next album situation is how things will change and we will not be all so disgusting and painful…

– Let’s believe together.

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“Makarevich has published a new version of the song “the Era of the great unlove””