Famous singer Katy Perry never ceases to shock its loyal fans.

singer Alina Grosu with 6 years in professional show business. Took
participation in major projects such as “the Man
of the year, song of the year”, “Junior Eurovision” and World Music
Awards. Many remember .. as a little girl, performing children’s songs
in the face of all the country. But now a popular singer takes not only the voice, but
and body, particularly in the new video for “I Want bass”, reports “Russian
The dialogue”.

Today, 24
may, premiere of the controversial music video “I Want bass”. The hype
around the new video clip was even more than on the previous work of singer “Alcohol”.
Perhaps this is due to the candid snapshots that girl last night put on
its official page in “Instagram” causes a stir in fans of his
creativity .

Three hours
since publication, the video has gained nearly 20 thousand views, and caused a storm
the discussion on the Internet. Many users of social networks said that the clip looks too provocative for the
who started with nursery rhymes under the affection of the crowd.

In the clip
Alina Grosu appears before the audience in three (at least) revealing outfits
constantly alternating between them. The great body of the girl with her usual grace takes
the most daring poses during the performance hit.

to note that several times in the clip appears with the artist and dancers
performing popular twerk – a dance move in which the gluteal and
thigh muscles.