VIENNA, 24 September. /TASS/. The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban mysteriously congratulated Germany with the recent elections to the Bundestag. Remains unknown who exactly congratulated Orban: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the unit of which the CDU/CSU in the lead, or right populist party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH), which is first included in the German Parliament.

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“Budapest wishes” – succinctly Orban wrote on his page in Facebook. Users of this social network are now wondering who congratulates Budapest.

Ahead of the elections to the Bundestag Orban said that “to pray for the renewal of the mandate of the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel,” because the block Merkel friendlier configured to Hungary than the Social democratic party of Germany together with Martin Schulz.

According to exit polls, block Merkel, the CDU/CSU in the elections to the Bundestag, gaining 33 .2 percent of the votes, the Social democratic party of Germany – 20.8%, while ADH – 13,1%. Thus, in the German Parliament for the first time in the modern history of Germany will be presented right populist party of ADH.