The largest by assets in Ukraine, PrivatBank, the state will direct on payment of dividends to the shareholder – the state represented by the Ministry of Finance – 90% of net profit for the year 2018, or 11,52 billion UAH are indicated in a statement on Thursday.

In accordance with a confirmed auditing company E&Y annual report of the Bank, its net profit for the 2018 totaled 12,846 billion compared with 0,406 billion a year earlier.

The report shows that from 30.75 per billion of interest income 11.36 billion UAH was received from investment securities the vast majority of which are government bonds received by the Bank within the framework of the capital increase in the nationalization. The previous year interest income on investment securities had of 10.72 billion from 24,49 billion of interest income of the Bank.

PrivatBank’s net assets at the beginning of 2019 are 278,12 billion UAH, the obligation – 246,55 billion, capital PrivatBank – 31,58 billion. Over the past year net assets increased by 9.6%, liabilities by 7.2% and capital – by 33.2%.