The fire and explosion of gas that occurred in a three-storey residential building on ul. Fontanskaya Doroga Odessa in the night of Sunday, probably occurred because of the violation of workers safety measures during the execution of gas-welding works

“Currently, the southern territorial Department of fire safety of Armed forces of Ukraine carries out a technical investigation of the causes and circumstances of the fire. The probable cause of the accident was a violation of the employees of the contractor security measures during the execution of gas-welding works”, – reported in Monday on the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

As reported, the message about the fire came in the “101” about one o’clock. Upon arrival, firefighters found that the burning roof, the attic and 3rd floor of the building. For the localization of the fire rescuers took more than an hour, and 3.38 it was completely eliminated .

In a press-service GU gschs in the region noted that during the liquidation of fire exploded gas cylinder that was in the building. The total fire area has made 300 sq. m., his reason now is established. The dead and injured there. The elimination of fire were involved in 14 pieces of equipment and 52 personnel.

In April 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passed the Ministry of defence of the two buildings on Fontanskaya road, 14 in Odessa to host the headquarters of the naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine. In one of the buildings and there was a fire.