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Russian President Vladimir Putin for the 15th time spent “the Direct line” with Russians. The majority of complaints concerned social problems. In some local authorities and officials reacted instantly.

Housing for single mothers

The inhabitant of Transbaikalia Natalia Kalinina said that he had left without housing when the spring 2015 Prairie fire completely destroyed a small village Shiviya. It provided housing, but it is, according to the woman, it was uninhabitable. The woman — a single mother, her daughter this year will go to the first class, and they have no residence, they live in an old, abandoned house. In response, the President instructed the Governor of Transbaikalia and the Prosecutor’s office to figure out how to spent the money allocated in 2015 for the construction of housing for fire victims .

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The Governor of Transbaikalian edge Natalya Zhdanova said that the regional authorities will understand the situation and help the woman. In addition, the district Prosecutor’s office organized a check on the address of the resident and if there is reason to take action. The test is on personal control of the Prosecutor of the region Vasily Voikin.

The head of administration Olovyanninskiy district Andrey Antoshkin said that Kalinin was among the first 13 families of fire victims who were provided housing in the municipality. She received a renovated apartment in the town of Yasnaya, gave her written consent, lived there for a month and a half and left.

According to him, after the number of fire victims in the area exceeded 30 families, the authorities decided to provide them with housing in Chita. Then the woman wanted to move to Chita, has made such a request to the authorities of the district, but as housing the woman has already been granted and she agreed to it, she refused. After that, she gathered her things and left Clear in the village rent her apartment is empty, the keys from the woman.

The Governor of Zabaykalsky Krai in the coming days will meet with the woman, the head of the press service of the Governor Elena Nazarova.

Dump in Balashikha

Residents of Balashikha appealed to the President with the request to help to solve the problem with a huge dump located in the vicinity of residential houses. The President promised to help to solve this problem.

According to the environmental movement #Roseko, polygon “Kuchino” in the village Fenino, the urban district of Balashikha, which was discussed in the live broadcast, was established in 1964 in place of the spent clay pit. And, despite the fact that in 1975 there was talk about the early closure of the landfill, he continues to function until now. The landfill total area of over 50 hectares can be seen from space, it annually receives up to 600 thousand tonnes of waste. Garbage driven as from Moscow oblast and from Moscow.

While houses are a kilometre away from the landfill and the village Fenino — 200 metres, which is contrary to sanitary standards

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The investigative Committee immediately started a review of complaints about illegal construction on the site near the solid waste landfill “Kuchino” in the Balashikha district houses.

Arrived at the scene by the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, head of administration of city district Balashikha and representatives of the regional Ministry of ecology and subsoil use. Sparrows have promised to find the possibility of early closure of the landfill. “By 2019 we need to close the landfill… and to create an alternative,” — said the head of the region during a visit. “Closing this landfill was in the plan to 2021. Now our task is to find a way to move that period. And, given the fact that the city is already coming to the dump, to try to shut it down early,” he said.

According to Vorobyov, the government of Moscow region has already closed 21 legacy landfill as part of the reform of the regional infrastructure of waste management. “But garbage is getting bigger every year. Our objective is to provide modern methods of processing. In the fall we should begin construction of 4 waste treatment plants thermal treatment,” — said the Governor.

The availability of quality medical care in Apatity

Putin promised to help the girl Darya from the city of Apatity, Murmansk region, which was diagnosed with fourth degree cancer. “I beg you, don’t lose hope. I, too, will pay attention to it, including how to help you personally,” the President said.

Addressed to the President, the girl was diagnosed with “stage 4 cancer”. At first, the doctors thought that she had low back pain. During the “Straight line” the view was expressed that lack of access to medicine is one of the main problems of Apatite, where live 55 thousand.

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The President promised the girl that the problem with providing medical care in Apatity will be resolved and the town will work again hospital, which residents are now unemployed. “Must see — or that is necessary to complete, or restoring the old hospital. Will work, I promise you,” he turned to Daria, the head of state, adding that the Apatite — mining city and the people here need special attention of medical staff.

The Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun during a straight line President responded to the problem. “Appeal to President Daria Starikova, tomorrow (16 Jun. — approx. TASS) food in Apatity, the problem of Dasha and health organization in the city will discuss on the spot”, — wrote the head of the region on Twitter.

As for Dashi to Fund her treatment has already shown the willingness of the city-forming enterprise, the company “PhosAgro,” said Kovtun.

Providing expensive drugs

The head of state asked the woman Claudia from the Orel region, complained that only a court can get expensive medication required for hemodialysis (treatment kidney failure).

Putin has promised to check the specific provision of essential drugs. “The Federation fully provides funding for the purchase of these drugs,” said the President, noting that there may be problems with delayed procurement. “We will check that they can ensure that they can provide. There are a number of drugs, number of diseases, including orphan, for which exactly the Federation allocates money, and in full. Federal beneficiaries are allocated money also in full”, — added the head of state.

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Russia’s investigative Committee launched a probe on the complaint.

The Governor of Orel region Vadim Potomsky has proposed to increase the amount of Federal benefits which are allocated for the purchase of drugs, as regions cannot carry an additional burden on providing residents with the necessary drugs.

“Now I talked with Claudia and she says that the full provision of medicines of patients undergoing hemodialysis require 50 thousand rubles per month. In reality, for every “Federal” beneficiary today is allocated from the Federal budget 807,2 rubles a month… People go to court, the court requires the region to provide medicines and we have to find a way to compensate for the difference between the Federal exemption and the true cost of the budget of the region. We already came out with the initiative of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation about revision of drug benefits for the patients requiring haemodialysis, and will continue to do,” said Potomsky.

As reported in the government of region with reference to the head of the Department of health Alexander Lyalyukhina, Claudia Stavtseva in 2016 received medication for 580 thousand rubles, and since the beginning of this year she selected drugs 116 thousand rubles.

Liquidation of consequences of flood in the Stavropol region

A resident of the village Krasnokumskoye, Stavropol region Valentina Sakowska reported to Vladimir Putin, so far has not received the necessary care and that families require paid registration of certificates for compensation in respect of loss of property and damage to the housing. The President called this a “complete nonsense” and demanded from the Prosecutor General to check the work progress for payment of funds, and the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirov — an immediate answer where the money went to support residents of the region affected by the floods. The head of the region went to the place in the village of Krasnokumskoye to personally understand the problem.

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“The Bank account of the applicant’s household from the village of Krasnokumskoye already transferred payment in the amount of 60 thousand rubles. Work on registration of payments, including in connection with loss of property, which also claims our countrywoman, continues. And help will come to all who suffered from the disaster. Will provide any assistance to Federal oversight and control bodies, which will check,” the Governor commented.

Vladimirov also said that the funds that were allocated by the Federal centre on liquidation of consequences of the may floods, has not yet arrived to the region. “Today, Federal money has not yet arrived to us in the region. But due to the fact that Vladimir Putin reacted harshly to this question has already been called from the Ministry of Finance. I’ve been assured that tomorrow 30% of the required amount from 937 million roubles will be transferred to us in the region,” said Vladimirov. According to him, now all the payments of material aid to victims of floods in the region comes from the regional budget.

Officials who demand that the victims of the floods for a fee to execute the necessary documents, will be dismissed. Will help all the victims from the disaster, reported the press service of the Governor. Stavropol authorities will return the money for the necessary clearance certificates to the victims of the flood.

From floods caused by record for 50 years, rains in the Stavropol region injured 28 settlements. Were flooded more than 2 thousand houses, inhabited by more than 6.6 thousand people.

The resettlement of the carriage-towns

The “Straight line” with the President addressed the residents of the city of Nyagan with the issue of resettlement of the carriage-towns. “I ask you to consider this as an order to his colleagues to count the number of people needing help and support. The program will continue, will try to speed it up. The money is allocated,” — said Putin.
The President explained that the problem with the carriage-towns is that they are not housing, “therefore do not fall under the program of emergency housing.”

The Prosecutor’s office in the Khanty start checking for this case.

The head of the city Ivan Yamashev hoped that the resettlement of the carriage-towns in the region can be accelerated, and hopes for help in this matter from the oil companies. “Last year we spent about 60 million rubles (relocation — approx. TASS), for 5 years we have removed about 500 cars, thousands of people moved, but still almost 3 thousand citizens live in such conditions. Of course, it’s important to accelerate. Today, in view of the instructions from the presidents of our country, I think that together, perhaps, with the oil companies, we can accelerate the solution to this problem,” he said.

For one-time resettlement of all residents of the carriage-towns of Nyagan need about 2 billion rubles from the calculation of the cost of housing in 56 thousand roubles for 1 sq. m.

Monitoring of the environmental situation in Nakhodka

Environmental problems raised during the “Straight line” boy Andrew the Pain out of finding. He asked the head of state to address the problem of pollution coal dust in Nakhodka port.

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Putin promised to understand so that “the human and environmental damage was minimized.” The President also asked asked live asked the boy to leave your data and later to tell, “what measures have been taken and noticeable for those living nearby.”

Professionals until the end of June 2017 will set the sensor to monitor the environmental situation in the port of Nakhodka, where the most acute problem of air pollution from coal dust. The data will be broadcast in the open access on the Internet, said the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky.

It is assumed that the monitoring system will earn next year, not only in Discovery but also in other ports of Primorye.

The problems of the inhabitants of the island of Olkhon

Residents of the island of Olkhon, located on the lake, told the President that because of the status of water protection areas there are no possibilities for hunting, grazing. In addition, the island people are forced to use water from wells of poor quality and also lack good roads because of the ban to dig career.

The President, in turn, said that he considered it necessary to make changes to environmental policies and laws to ensure the normal functioning of people living in protected areas or near them. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that the work should be done in conjunction with environmental organizations.

MNRE will develop a draft government decree that will clarify the boundaries of water protection zone of lake Baikal and will remove restrictions on the livelihoods of the population living on this territory, reported on his page in Facebook the head of the Ministry Sergey Donskoy.

The Minister noted that amendments to the Federal law “On lake Baikal” will be required.