Protection of the detainee law enforcers editor-in-chief the Internet-editions “Strenia” Igor Guzhva will appeal procedural violations during his detention, suspicion of I. Guzhva not been presented, the grounds for the preventive measure no, says his lawyer Andrey Smirnov.

“As of 10:45 no reports of suspicion are not awarded. Moreover, as of 10:45 a Protocol on detention,” – said the lawyer on Friday on a press-conferences in Kiev.

He said that the only lawyer who was admitted to I. Guzhva with the investigation, was the lawyer Elena Lukash (former Minister of justice of Ukraine).

According to him, a statement of non-admission of advocates and, consequently, violation of the rights of the defence is already registered. “In fact investigative actions ended at four in the morning,” said Smirnov.

Responding to a question about whether or not arrested a second man in the case, the lawyer said he know nothing about it .

“I don’t know anything about the arrest of a second person in the case of Igor Guzhva. Moreover, I can’t comment on what the – “the case of Igor”, because from a legal point of view it is necessary for something to lean on,” said the lawyer.

Thus A. Smirnov said that the defense does not understand that incriminated their client. “It (the events surrounding the detention of I. Guzhva – if) is overt pressure on the media. The case itself, from the point of view of how were the procedural steps, and from the point of view of its continuation has no prospects. Think it will end very soon,” says the lawyer.

Speaking of witnesses, A. Smirnov stressed that the protection nothing is known about them except names. “We tried to communicate with these people after it was completed investigative action, a search, but these people deliberately tried to avoid any contact,” added the lawyer.

“We will appeal against all procedural violations, which was tonight. However, we are prepared to consider the request, which will be submitted to the court on remand. I think that the legal position fully on the side of Mr Guzhva is no motivated by law for election to it measures of restraint does not exist,” – said Smirnov.

In turn, the Deputy editor-in-chief the Internet-editions “Strenia” Svetlana Kryukova said that such actions of law enforcement officers testify about the pressure on publishing and this pressure, as she admits, it may be beneficial for Pro-government parties “Block Poroshenko” and “popular front”.

“In fact, the allegations about bribes… Guzhva by nature very quiet, very reserved and very polite people and to extort someone… I don’t believe in this version, moreover, we believe it spurious,” she said.

“Over the past six months the representatives of our publication tried to get different representatives of the Ukrainian political elite, which tried to persuade us to his side through persuasion, negotiations, attempts to corrupt… we were threatened and we were followed “, – said Sergey Kryukov.

Later, E. Lucas on his page on the social network Facebook has posted pictures together with I. Guzhva and said that he is now on the street, 15 at the headquarters of national police of Kiev. “Protocol of detention is drawn up. Now ends the interrogation. The suspicion he had not yet given. He kept bravely and thanks as your friends and colleagues and opponents,” she said.

As reported, on Thursday evening, June 22, in Kiev, was detained the chief editor of the Internet publication “Strenia” Igor Guzhva.

As reported by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, I. Guzhva demanded and received $10 thousand for the deployment of compromising materials on the current policy.

The attorney General, at the disposal of investigators have video and photo evidence of the offense.

On Friday morning, June 23, MP from the faction of the Radical party of Ukraine Dmitry Linko confirmed that editor-in-chief “Strenia” Igor Guzhva demanded money from him.

Friday, June 23, the press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev reported that the head of the Internet edition “Strenia” I. Guzhva and his intermediary was detained on suspicion of committing a crime under part 3 of article 189 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (extortion in large amounts). Currently preparing the notice to detained persons and the petition for election of a measure of restraint.