In Venezuela for almost a month does not stop the protests

Also for the first time introduced additional payments to pensioners.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced another increase in the minimum wage by 60% against the backdrop of mass protests in the country, reports Noticias24.

Since may 1 the minimum wage will amount to 65 thousand Bolivar is 40 thousand bolivars, along with 135 thousand bolivars for the purchase of basic food basket the size will be 200 thousand bolivars.

Also for the first time introduced additional payments to pensioners in the amount of 19,5 thousand bolivars.

Data increase is the third in 2017 and takes place on the background of high inflation.

Note, at the rate of “black market” the minimum wage in the country is about 47 dollars with all payments.

As you know, after the Supreme court decision, severely limit the power of the opposition National Assembly on 4 April in Venezuela are protests . According to recent reports, during the demonstrations has killed about 30 people.

Venezuela out of the Organization of American States