The international ski Federation (FIS) voted in favor of participation in the Games in 2018 Russian athletes involved in violations and the recent scandal.

The corresponding statement belongs to the President of the organization, Gianfranco Kasper, reports “Russian conversation”. He was a member of the IOC meetings in Pyeongchang in South Korea, which will host the Olympics.

According to him, organizers of competitions are obliged to allow “everyone” a clean athlete, regardless of his nationality. Reject according to the national principle would be unacceptable, and such methods evoke thoughts of Hitler’s Third Reich.

“We can’t blame something all the Mr. Smiths from one person Mr Smith. I don’t want to punish innocent people. So did Hitler, declaring guilty of all Jews… all Jews were killed… prove to me who was guilty,” said Casper .

The head of the FIS concluded that the fact of having a Russian passport cannot be used as evidence.

We will remind, not so long ago a number of international sports organizations accused of many representatives of the Russian professional sports in the use of prohibited drugs, known as doping.