Russian figure skater Alina Sagitova became the heroine of a room of a Japanese fashion magazine, Numero, released on April 26. The writer spoke to an athlete who in his 16 years he managed to win all major international competitions, reports “Russian conversation”.

The Olympic champion has also agreed to participate in the shoot for the gloss.

On one of the images Sagitova depicted in a white blouse and black mini-skirt with a Golden ornament. Complements the image of the crown on the head of a young figure skater.

On the other – in a light dress sky blue color.

In addition, the published video from the shoot which shows how the athlete prepared for the photo shoot.

“A masterpiece! Alina looks amazing, even better than the model that was presented this way on display at the Dolce.

Aline not yet seventeen, and respect her more than anyone on Earth! Envy and wish happiness and health!

Everything is fine. A beautiful girl who has reached such heights in his age, with a beautiful soul.

Queen of ice and Queen of beauty!

What a beauty! The correct way! Alina should be on a magazine cover!” – admire the fans in the comments.

Earlier Sagitova struck fans with a gorgeous photo shoot for the global sports brand.