The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin introduced Russia’s first in 40 years, a retrospective of the great Italiana — Giorgio Morandi. He wrote the laconic landscapes and still-lifes, famous for the finest in twentieth-century color scheme.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum

Among the 90 items – at least 82 masterpiece that adequately characterize the stages of the artist’s career. Starts all metaphysical compositions in the spirit of another Italian de Chirico, whose exhibition is now at the New Tretyakov gallery, and ends late emotionally disturbed, it is strict.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum

The exhibition is arranged in chronological order and divided into main areas: self-portrait, still life, landscape and flowers. Accented works that Morandi himself calls “options” are similar, but always different from each other composition depicting the same items.

– Marina Devona, you name Morandi is one of our favorite artists . Than he close to you? – ask the Director of the Museum Marina Loshak on the opening day.

– The approach to life, establishing priorities, magical state. He is an amazing entity — not a superficial, deep, easy. Morandi is art, in its entirety, which is contained in this word. Without external, social, ambitions. He’s all for domestic tasks set before the artist.

Responsible for architecture, Kirill Asse and Nadezhda Korbut, to cover the walls with decorative plaster, which simulates the crackle of old. As for color, everything, including floors, decided in sky blue. For the first time in many years half-open window that fills the space with extra light and air, which requires the art of Morandi.

The artist himself insanely attentive to everything connected with his work, so even a worn brush was solemnly buried in his garden in Bologna, where he lived all his life.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum