Alexei Pushkov called on Vladimir Zelensky to prosecute all who are guilty of the massacre in Odessa. He wrote about this in his microblog on Twitter, reports “Russian conversation”.

Recently, the Russian foreign Ministry has accused the current Ukrainian leadership is deliberately delaying the investigation of the Odessa tragedy.

Russian Senator said that if the new President of Ukraine will not punish the real culprits, then all his statements about honor and dignity, and the rights and freedoms will remain hypocrisy and lies.

Pushkov said that in 2014 two days after the tragedy in Odessa, he gave the members of the PACE pictures of people killed in the House of trade unions. According to him, the PACE was silent, before feebly to call for the investigation, which was not. Pushkov has accused the Agency of ignoring the events of may 2 five years ago.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian nationalists decided to organize a March on Kulikovo field in Odessa.

We will remind, on Thursday in Odessa was declared a special regime. More than two thousand police officers keep order in the city.