Russian President Vladimir Putin often goes with his thermos

In a network there was video on which the Russian President to clink glasses with his American counterpart, who holds a glass of wine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner in honor of the leaders of the Big twenty summit, which is taking place these days in Osaka Japanese, came with his thermos. His press Secretary Dmitry Peskov had to explain to reporters.

“It is because he is constantly drinking tea from a thermos of this”, – quoted Peskov, the Agency RBC on June 28.

In the Internet appeared the video from the dinner, which is seen as Putin’s holding a white flask that clink glasses with the President of the United States Donald trump. In turn, the American leader holds a glass of wine.

The G20 leaders came out to dinner with your

— Kremlin RIA Poole (@Kremlinpool_RIA) June 28, 2019

At dinner as an appetizer to the heads of state filed a terrine of sea bass, edible flowers and vegetable purees.

The main dishes began balantin chicken, risotto, shiso leaves, tofu with zucchini flowers and nasturtium flowers and leaves of Perilla.

For dessert the chef made banana cakes. In addition, guests were offered Popsicles. From the alcohol summit participants poured champagne and wine.

Earlier Корреспондент.net wrote, as Russia praised Putin’s talks with trump. It was also reported on the talks with Mae about the poisoning Skrobala.


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