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The head of the Kremlin “merges” its own environment?

Begin with a direct quote from Putin’s speech at a conference in pandemic coronavirus dedicated to the next Challenging Times.

“…Of course we can’t, but we can with high probability to predict possible development of the situation. Dear friends. Everything passes, this too shall pass. Our country is repeatedly passed through a serious test, and the Pechenegs and Cumans – did Russia. And we will defeat this infection – coronavirus!”- Putin said.

The good news for Putin: judging by the way the Cumans with the Pechenegs was instantly dismantled for quotes, its performance is still watching very carefully. The worse news: over Putin laugh is not only outside of Russia, but also from within. The news is very bad – it was leaking their own environment. However, let’s look at the order.

By itself, the metaphor with the Polovtsy and Pechenegs well known and is attributed to Fyodor Plevako, a famous lawyer of the late XIX – early XX centuries, when Russia was still an adversarial court process, SWAT then by the Bolsheviks in 1917. As legend has it, protecting one day, some old lady caught on petty theft, and wanting to emphasize the insignificance of her crime, allegedly Plevako said, “Many troubles, many trials had to be postponed Russia for its more than thousand-year existence. Pechenegs plagued her, Cumans, Tatars and poles. Dvunadesyat languages had descended on her, took Moscow. All suffered, overcame Russia, but matured and grew from the trials. But now, now… the Old woman stole an old kettle worth 30 kopeks. Russia, of course, will not stand, so she will die forever”.

However, most likely, nothing like Plevako never told, and the whole story was invented by his contemporary, writer, Veresaeva.

Anyway, Putin himself, being the ignorant person hardly remembers the details of the story of the origin of the Pechenegs Polovtsy – and as the ancients and as figures of speech. But since he is ignorant in Leningrad, there is something a little on tops picked up in the “cultural capital”, the Cumans (and, of course, Pechenegs) move through the corners of his senile weakening of memory from time to time, whooping jumping out of the ambush.

The last time this happened in 2010, when the young Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with inexperienced President Dmitry Medvedev, speaking on a conference call MES on the occasion of forest fires, said: “the Pechenegs Russia tormented, and Cumans, and the dogs-knights, and the Great Patriotic war we went through. Russia survived, all survived. And now, of course, also test. It is not universal, it is not an invasion, but it is test. And, of course, we shall overcome. But only if we work together, consolidated, efficiently, with full responsibility for the assigned country business.” And listeners, instinctively seeing in Putin the next President, respectfully held the eyes of the Pechenegs and the Kipchaks, who escaped over the horizon in the clouds of dust raised by the horses ‘ hooves.

Then ten years on they had neither hearing nor spirit, and here came running up again.

The General meaning of the phrase boils down to the fact that the next attack: the old lady or the thief, fires or pandemic – a trifle compared to the Great Trials, already passed by Russia. And, indeed, everything passes, but Russia remains: the old lady died, the forest is part burned, part sold to China, and meanwhile Putin, which caught Stalin, who lived with him when he 07.10.1952 to 05.03.1953 he is still the President of Russia. So a point to Putin’s remarks are – how many nor destroy in Russia slaves, their will always be enough to love the next leader, and for example, a Great Victory was indeed great, but only the personal Victory of comrade Stalin, who, paying for lend-lease, serf cannon fodder, placed at the rear and at the front at the last and still incomplete data, 42 million Soviet peasants, and even a little more than 20 million left crippled. The population of the USSR before the war amounted to about 140 million, and Stalin to this day is adored by descendants of the survivors of the slaves, by an absolute majority of the Russian population. Is this not a Great Victory?

However, Putin’s speech was flawed, poorly designed in terms of call for citizens to sacrifice in the name of Russia is inappropriate and belittled the importance of the pandemic, by reducing it to the kettle over 30 COP. This was a mistake, which demonstrated the extinction of the already small mind Leader in version 2.1. – that would also be bad if, along with the mind faded and the animal instincts, much more is needed to control Russia. After all, if sacrifices are inevitable, but they are unavoidable – like pandemic that can not indefinitely hide, putting other diagnoses, and recession – the Balk should be on the greatness of the threat, and hence the greatness of the “feat of the people”, this threat prevoznemogaya. And Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s press Secretary, hastened to distance themselves from such obvious failure, saying that the statement about the Pechenegs and Cumans – “the initiative of the President”.

“He added in his speech. In this case, I can’t tell you what was the source for this phrase, but we all heard her,” – said Peskov, shamelessly exposing his patron.

It is clear that over obvious manifestation of senility decrepit early leader immediately began to make fun of the whole world surrounding Russia. Otherwise it could not be – Russia’s policy has long been firmly secured the most unfriendly and hostile environment imaginable.

It is also clear that we are not talking about the age of Putin as such, but early onset of decrepitude, despite the desperate attempts privoditsya. Putin is young – he is only 67 years, against the background of the 73-year-old trump and 77-year-old Biden quite a bit. Of course, trump glorified dashing considerable number of statements – however, on closer analysis they are not detected by the coarse punctures. The specifics of the performances trump is caused by specifics of its electorate – and absolutely appropriate. Everything is counted and no Pecheneg-Polovtsian ambushes do not happen at all.

But there is an important detail: although the world has been laughing at the growing inadequacy of Putin, Russian serfs still mostly kept quiet. And only the current phenomenon of Pechenegs Polovtsy, coupled with the fear of the coronavirus and irritation from the lack of expectations on medical care and economic support from the state, has caused a qualitative leap: on Putin began to crack already in Russia. And fun is very widely and openly.

This, I repeat, is fundamentally important: if the master starts to laugh his own slaves – there is a collapse of relations between them. The correct master, slaves must at the same time to be afraid, to hate secretly and reverently to love. No, not respect – that slaves are not capable of, namely love as a force that is greater than any external adversity. In other words, Putin must be frightening and bloodthirsty of all coronavirus – and only for so Putin was willing to go to Russia. Putin has shown a clear weakness, and not for the first time, but this was a particularly bad one, why a psychological barrier that prevented Russian slaves laugh at him, in their minds fell.

The question now is not about the Moscow office hamster, who always was allowed some fun Fronda – namely, the masses throughout Russia. However, daring Moscow hamsters have never laughed at Putin as evil and as freely as it does now. And only this qualitative change in the situation, and not servile giggle about where we rode and where now jumping Cumans and Pechenegs, really matters.

And yet there is an important caveat: fun to make fun of the Polovtsy, the Pechenegs and the roof is only a leader can free people, living outside Russia. Servile banter of Russians does not equal humor free people. It is different in nature phenomenon, even if they look similar. Servile banter doesn’t lead to anything but quiet sabotage behind which lurks the requirement to give the new gentleman, meet the servile ideas of greatness. As soon as the master is on the horizon, the old drive vzashey and usually executed (physically or morally – as appropriate) – is in the spirit of the Roman Saturnalia, and then starts a new cycle of the Russian government, no different from the old.

Here you can play Association and allusions to infinity – so, the last Chapter of palavinskas Generation “P” give an excellent picture of the change of power in Russia, designed in a co-conspiratorial spirit.

But let us return to reality, starting again with the Pechenegs and Polovtsy. They, or rather their descendants, have not disappeared, are alive and are found in many parts of the world. For example, in the Donbass, which is successfully holding back the Horde Putintsev, climbing into Ukraine from the East. Or in Tripoli, where days came the good news: descendants of the Pechenegs (and maybe Polovtsy, now can not tell) killed there in late March with a hundred thugs-Putintsev from the Horde Wagner. Which, incidentally, is concealed from the Russian slaves in order to follow their simple joy of bad news.

How to determine that Pechenegs and Cumans? It’s very simple: they are everywhere where they beat the Russian. However, it is also necessary to admit that Russian to close the question definitively they will never succeed, because “the Russian people” will exist until then, as long as alive servile psychology, but it is extremely tenacious. In other respects Russian people can change beyond recognition, he can absorb other peoples or their individual members, maybe in 50 or 100 years to become similar in appearance to the Chinese or blacks. But it will be all the same Russian, unmistakably recognizable by the overwhelming pride for what they are – slaves of the Great Master.

No Cumans with the Pechenegs never beat out from the Russian of slavery – simply because they then cease to be Russian. The only thing they can do is limit the area of domination of the Russian-Servile world. And change in Russia, the Supreme Lord, which always accompanies the arrival of PATOLOGO a dog named ” – a very good time for this.

So, it seems that this moment is approaching and once slaves began to scoff over the old leader. And it should be used in full, and when the favorable period will be held to gain a foothold in slaves captured from positions holding the freed space, and not letting them seep back from Russia. Doing this with varying degrees of success, all the neighbors of the Russians in Ukraine have to learn the same way.

Sergey Ilchenko, “Business capital”