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BRYANSK, March 8. /TASS/. Russian President Putin expressed confidence that the Russian authorities will be able to achieve the plan to raise the salaries of doctors to 200% of the average regional salary by 2018.

“You know that in 2018, the wage level should be doctors 200% of the average for the region, and at Junior and middle staff – 100% . I assume that we will achieve these indicators”, – said Putin during a conversation with the staff of the perinatal center in Bryansk. He noted that the figure for doctors is 180%.

The head of state enquired about the level of salaries in the perinatal center, what medics said that “not complaining”, adding: “more.” The Governor, in turn, assured the President that, according to the plans of the authorities of the region, the average wage of the medical staff of the perinatal center will be higher than in other hospitals due to the fact that there is a third, that is, high-tech, the level of medical care .

In General, speaking about the use of technology and equipment, Putin expressed satisfaction that, for example, in medical institutions “we have 60% of the equipment, and world-class, manufactured in Russia, including some appliances is the result of conversion, the piece of equipment is produced at defense enterprises.”

The President also discussed with the employees of the center, the development of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana after the Olympics 2014. “We got what we wanted and everyone turns after the conduct of major events of this kind. Everything is used, nothing idle, everything in the work all year round – winter and summer, and even in summer the mountain cluster are almost fully occupied,” said he.

Discussed the development of road infrastructure in the regions. One of the employees of the centre thanked the Russian authorities for the fact that in the Bryansk region in recent years has significantly improved the quality of roads. Putin asked what kind of car she drives, and he heard in response to “Lada Kalina”, he added: “a Good car, really. I am very happy, it was worth it”.

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