Danced, had fun, counted – to tears.

Reports of the death of the Russian military last month, are all more densely. Secrecy and mendacity in relation to this information, as practiced by power, puts in these messages additional uncertainty. Social media, regional press be at least some source, which, if not quantitatively, it is estimated to follow the losses. And evaluation of clear – losses began to rise sharply.

I can only quote the words of Ali Allawi about the American invasion of Iraq: “In official Washington circles, ignorance, lack of understanding of the meaning of events in Iraq, was just phenomenal. None of the supporters of the war…had not the slightest idea about the country, which was going to occupy”. It’s time to change the phrase to Washington to Moscow, Iraq to Syria and tack it in bronze at the foreign Ministry, the defense Ministry, the Kremlin and other government offices, in their ignorance no way inferior to its American partner.

Putin got into a war in which he himself does not understand, do not understand its diplomats can’t understand his generals. And what makes them understand if the highest Russian leadership in the midst of this war, in the 12th year eliminated the office of the Chief military adviser in Syria and reduced the Embassy staff to highly technical. Three years was the war, which Moscow did not have the slightest clue simply because they had no one report on it. And in 15 year in the blind decision, in this war, to intermeddle.

Can anybody tell how to call such a Supreme commander without using Mata? To call his generals and diplomats?

And pay for their ignorance, as usual – soldiers and officers, which are taken out in coffins from Syria already quite in commercial quantities.

And Yes, Putin, as usual, lied when told about the fact that no ground operations. No, no.. Schaz. This increase in losses is due to only one – that’s ground fighting. And nothing else.

In the morning there are reports that Russian aircraft bombed positions of the Kurdish SDS on the left Bank of Deir ez-Zor. Is the third wave of attacks. Is this a “sting operation” in General or just decided to go for broke, is unclear. The Syrians in their attacks on the VTS participation is not mistaken at all.

Americans still do not respond, but it seems to be their CENTCOM has released some information on this. The idea is that American staffs now have to clap tube and the river to pour the champagne. Now all three runners will compete with each other in emergency mode, giving the Americans a habitual arbiter.

By the way, what the situation is increasingly reminiscent of the September-October ‘ 15 when it ended pointedly shot down by a Russian plane. Here, too, events are rolling in this direction. However, instead of an airplane can cover some other purpose, so how on earth our military pond-pond. Where not to shoot and not miss.

Kurdish SDS issued an official release about Russian air strikes on their positions. The Kurds have said they will use the legitimate right to self-defence.

Technically nothing now prevents the Americans to put the VTS air defense system to shoot down one or two of our aircraft. In the end, why the Turks, and the Kurds – are not. It is unlikely that the Kurds will have problems with professional crews, even if the Kurdish, they will not know any words.

The decor is, shall we say, significantly complicated. The problem is not that it is complicated. It is becoming less predictable – that is worth noting. On the other hand, any adventure develops in this way. At first everything is simple and fun, then the fun starts to wane. Danced, had fun, counted – to tears.

El Murid,