The Kremlin has lost Ukraine – that frantic.

You can always look at how the fire burns, how water flows and how Vladimir Putin is freaking out about reverse purchases of gas by Ukraine.

And Yes, of course no one delivers volumes of gas from Europe. And Yes, of course we take Russian gas transit pipe.

But that is the most beautiful – we buy Russian gas and Putin has no way of using this fact to put pressure on Ukraine. That mad fantastic character, but can not do anything.

Yes, the Ukrainians put some kind of mini-pipe on the border with Slovakia and rides there in a circle of gas, simulating the transit. That Gazprom was not able to put legal claims. All ingenious is simple. And it also infuriates Putin. Because all perfectly legally.

A key achievement of the reverse, no matter how virtual it may seem, lies in the fact that Ukraine gained independence from Gazprom and Moscow. Energy independence. Critical it was in that moment, when Ukrainians went to sue to Stockholm in order to correct a crazy contract Tymoshenko-Putin.

And in this moment we could not conclude contracts with Gazprom. The seller of gas, according to the documents, had to be anyone, but not Gazprom. We could not pay him for gas. Because Gazprom would take the money, I would say that it is in debt and not be supplied gas. And this is during the war, for a moment. And now an important energy independence from Gazprom, and then it was much more important.

And Yes, the price of gas that Naftogaz buys in Europe, there is the cost of transit through the territory of Ukraine. But the beauty is that this transit is paid to the Naftogaz. So no one overpays. And it is mathematically equal to the situation, if the Ukrainians the same gas bought at the Russian border. Only with the difference that the Ukrainians are buying it is now much cheaper and not from Gazprom.

When Boyko and Medvedchuk came to Moscow, they offered gas at $240. To buy this gas on the Russian border. While on exchange in Europe the price is $180, and some banks predict a fall in prices to $140. And it is on the border with Russia, when Naftogaz would not receive additional money for the formal transit of gas to Europe. Fantastic beauty offer.

Tantrums Putin is beautiful. He lost Ukraine. Not him, so he rages.

Sergey Fursa,