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MOSCOW, December 21. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to ensure that in 2018 a special issue foreign currency bonds for the return of capital in Russia.

At a meeting in the Kremlin with representatives of big business, the head of state recalled that the representatives of the business community at the last such event in September, “asked to create suitable mechanisms for the return of capital to Russian jurisdiction and as a tool proposed to use domestic bonds foreign loans denominated in foreign currency.”

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“The government and the Central Bank this issue has been going after strange instructed to determine the necessary conditions and parameters of the issue of such securities to Russian investors and to provide them treatment in the next year”, – said the head of state. According to him, this issue worked for the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank. “The proposal raises no objections from anyone”, – said Putin.

In addition, the President said, “we agreed to improve the legal regime for controlled foreign companies (CFC) in view of the existing practice of functioning of this institution and your suggestions.” “The relevant amendments prepared”, – said Putin.

Previously, the Agency Reuters with reference to sources reported that the business has proposed to issue foreign currency-denominated sovereign bonds of the Ministry of Finance with high rate to create favorable conditions for the return of the money of rich Russians to the country in connection with threat of new sanctions from the United States. However, Russian officials denied this initiative.