MOSCOW, June 15. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not doubt that the Kerch bridge will be built in time, now the construction is proceeding ahead of schedule. He said this during a “Straight line”.


Crimean bridge: the main facts about the construction of the century
Exactly two years later, they will open the bridge across the Kerch Strait

“The Crimean bridge is constructed in accordance with the schedule, even a little ahead, – said Putin during a “Straight line”. – I am not going to talk about this lead, but at this time there is no doubt that all the plans will be implemented with due quality.”

He recalled that the cost of the project is known – is 200 billion rubles. However, he noted that it is impossible to prevent the backlog in the construction of access roads to the Kerch bridge from both sides. “Road access is a hot topic right now . We need to get to and from the Crimean Peninsula and the Kerch roads have been built, but from Tamani, too, he said. – I hope that this too will be implemented. No access roads the situation is quite ridiculous, there will be a narrow neck, either one or the other hand, can not in any case allow this to happen”.

The head of state noted that the government will closely monitor the progress of construction.