Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-UN within hours will communicate tete-a-tete

Following the meeting of the leaders of Russia and North Korea will be no joint statements or signing documents.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN was found on the island of Russian, which is a few kilometers from the Russian city of Vladivostok. It is reported by Interfax on Thursday, April 25.

It is noted that negotiations between the two presidents was preceded by the ceremony.

Putin met Kim Jong-UN on the ground in front of the main entrance of the housing S of the far Eastern Federal University campus.

After the ceremony of meeting the President of Russia and the North Korean leader began the conversation in a narrow format.

According to the Kremlin, on the Russian-North Korean summit talks are given about four hours.

It is assumed that personal contact Putin and Kim Jong UN will last about an hour, and then the meeting will proceed with the participation of delegations of the two countries and will end with a reception at the request of the North Korean side, Kim Jong-UN will be treated to the dishes of Russian national cuisine.

Following the meeting, leaders will be no joint statements or signing documents. It is expected that the Russian President will go to the journalists to share impressions of the summit.

On the eve of Kim Jong-UN came to Russia on the train. He was greeted with a loaf and a separate ladder with a red carpet.

This is the first visit by DPRK leader to Russia. Earlier Корреспондент.net wrote why Kim decided to go to Putin.

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