The document, implying the abolition of some positions from special package of economic measures with respect to Turkey, was signed by the head of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Relevant data published by the Kremlin press service, reports “Russian conversation”.

Thus, the Russian side has removed restrictions on employment in the Russian Federation of workers from Turkey and abolished the framework for the activities of foreign companies in some industries.

The foreign Ministry has been instructed Putin regarding notification of official Ankara about a partial recovery of the agreements relevant to the conditions of mutual trips of inhabitants of the countries. In addition, set a new list of categories of citizens of Turkey having the possibility of visa-free regime to come to Russia.

We will remind, Moscow has initiated to limit supplies from Ankara starting from 1 January 2016 . Sanctions on products introduced shortly after the destruction of the Russian su-24 in the skies over Syria perpetrated by the Turkish Air force.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed as each of the sides – Moscow and Ankara – at the official level have agreed to withdraw trade framework 22 may. The day the agreement was signed, repealing the earlier decisions of the embargo.