May 1 on the Kremlin website appeared a message signed by the President of the Russian Federation of the Decree about the individual categories of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship, have the right to submit applications for admission to Russian Federation citizenship in a simplified procedure, reports “Russian conversation”.

Earlier Putin signed a decree according to which residents of the unrecognized people’s republics will be able to receive passports of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin said that the decision of the President of a purely humanitarian nature. Despite Moscow’s attempt to protect citizens DND and LNR, Kiev has demanded from the West to strengthen sanctions against Russia.

Current Square President Petro Poroshenko and the newly elected Vladimir Zelensky negative view of the initiative of Vladimir Putin, but the Kremlin is confident that he will be able to negotiate this issue with the sixth head of Ukraine.

In Donetsk and Lugansk took emergency measures to help in registration of necessary documents, although the huge queues could not be avoided.