Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was satisfied with the work of his security.

The head of state said in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone, reports “Russian Dialogue,” citing TASS.

The interview will be shown in the form of a documentary, which will be released on the Showtime channel.

During the interview, stone said he knows of five attempts on Putin and about fifty attempts on Fidel Castro.

“I’m with Castro talked about this, and he said to me: “you Know why I’m alive?” I said, “Why?” – “Because I his safety is always involved personally,” – said Vladimir Putin.

The President also stressed that trusts its security, which “is still pretty well” to do their job.

Stone also said that often the organizers of the attacks trying to penetrate it security.

In response, Putin said: “we say: this is destined to be hanged, he did not sink” .

At the request of the journalist to clarify what the President meant, Putin said that the fate of each person is known only to the Lord.

Earlier it was reported that Putin has told, why he is not friends with Trump.

It was also noted that Putin signed a law that allows you to make changes to the project about the election.