The head of the Russian state Vladimir Putin positively spoke about the Russian-made car “Lada Kalina”, noting his contentment from the vehicle.

According to “Russian conversation” the President visited the Bryansk municipal hospital №1 in particular – the building of the perinatal center hospital.

In the course of communication with the hospital staff revealed that one of the women uses “Lada Kalina”. She spoke about the changes in Bryansk, what happened in the last two years.

According to her, on the streets of the city now has excellent roads, allowing a really fast ride home and to work.

“A good car. Really good” – praised Putin as one of the Russian cars.

Medical the employee agreed with the President on this issue, and the response drew attention to their vain efforts .

It will be recalled that Putin in 2010 personally tested “Lada Kalina”, having driven over two thousand kilometres in four days. He was going from Hrabovska to Chita.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” they said in their traditional greeting for International women’s day on 8 March, the President decided to speak about the beautiful side of humanity by the strings of authorship Konstantin Balmont, one of the most prominent Russian poets.