The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the summit Russia – Africa jokingly called the behavior of the leader of Mauritius Paramasivam P. Vapori immodest, according to the Russian Dialogue.

The head of state in an ironic vein, commented on the increase in Russia in the rating Doing Business.

“You behave immodestly: you from 28-th place in the Doing Business ranking has moved on the 13th, and Russia, with the 31st- just in time for the 28 th. We took your place”, – Putin said and congratulated the government of Mauritius with this success.

The President of Mauritius approving gesture is appreciated the statement of the Russian leader.

Thursday, October 24, Vladimir Putin participate in large plenary session – Russia summit on Africa, which takes place in Sochi. The Russian President planned to hold several bilateral meetings with African leaders. The forum invited the heads of all 54 countries on the continent.

Before the meeting took place the traditional ceremony of photographing.

Smile and wave: the Second day of the summit Russia-Africa began with a photography session leaders

— Dmitry Smirnov (@dimsmirnov175) 24 Oct 2019.

The summit is devoted to issues of Russia’s interaction with African States. The Russian leader noted that the first meeting of this magnitude that speaks of the intention of the parties to actively develop relations in all directions.

According to Putin, the countries of Africa are rapidly gaining political and economic weight in the world and participate directly in solving regional and global issues on the agenda.

We will remind, the representative of the national consensus Government of Libya Shaban of Hadia, who is associated with terrorist groups, were excluded from the number of speakers of the forum Russia – Africa. The head of the Fund for the protection of national values Alexander Malkevich called the decision a positive sign and a great achievement of civil and journalistic community.