Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Cathedral Pokrovsky Cathedral and an exhibition of old believers ‘culture, located in Rogozhskaya the spiritual center of Russian Orthodox old believers’ Church in Moscow.

During the passage through the territory of the spiritual center, the President held out his hand to the man sitting near to the dove and said, “hi!” as reported the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Smirnov in his page in the social network, reports “Russian conversation”.

The President visited the exhibition “the Power of the spirit of tradition and loyalty” provides a review of the unique monuments of old believe culture from different times. The exhibition contains rare manuscripts and printed books, icons, a record of the old believer choir of the early XX century and more .

After acquaintance with exhibition, Putin together with the Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia rpsts Cornelius visited the Cathedral the intercession Cathedral, where he met with the bishops of the old believer Church.

It is worth noting that Putin became the first Russian leader to visit the Rogozhskoe old believers ‘ center.

“Hi!”: Putin greeted the dove

— Dmitry Smirnov (@dimsmirnov175) 31 may 2017

Earlier it was reported that Putin took a series of economic restrictions from Turkey.

It was also noted that, according to Putin, NATO is short-sighted policies.