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MOSCOW, 3 Oct. /TASS/. Responsible for the preparation for the world Cup in 2018 agencies and organizations in the remaining before the start of the tournament have not only to avoid disruption of their tasks, but also to ensure their quality performance. This emphasis was made by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation for physical culture and sport that was devoted to the preparation of Russia to the world Cup.

Joint meeting of the Council under RF President on development of physical culture and sports and the Supervisory Board of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” was held on Tuesday in the Kremlin. Before the head of state viewed the layout of the stadiums and airports in the regions that will host matches of the world Cup. He briefly spoke with the heads of all 11 regions of the Russian Federation of their readiness for the tournament, which will be held from 14 June to 15 July 2018 in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Saransk, Volgograd and Rostov-on-don.

“The backlog chart of the training programmes for the world championship is unacceptable,” the President said, opening a meeting of the Council. According to him, the overall level of sports facilities for the world Cup is quite satisfactory, “but some lag is still there”.

“They are not of a critical nature, there is nothing so terrible there,” – said the President. However, warned Putin at the final stage tasks are the most difficult, as “it seems that everything is already done.” “If the point is not put, so still not done, not yet, – said the head of state. – And if you relax, you will not finish until the end.”

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“We need to closely monitor each stage of the work, every day”, – concluded Putin.

The President also noticed that the stadiums and other facilities will be accepted “only in the complex with well-appointed surrounding territories”. “There should not remain vacant lots, puddles, dumping of construction waste, all have to do convenient and comfortable for people,” – said the head of state.

Tickets must be available

The second major theme raised by the President in his speech, were the ticket prices. “[We need] to try to do everything possible to number of inexpensive tickets as possible,” – said the head of state. He added that this issue should be solved in close cooperation with the International Federation of football Association (FIFA) and the experience of the confederations Cup, which this summer was successfully held in Russia, which was noted by many participants.

Tickets for world Cup matches are divided into four categories: the most expensive tickets for seats with the best location in the stadium (category 1) tickets to places outside of category 1 (category 2 and 3), as well as tickets at an affordable price exclusively for the citizens of Russia (category 4). Earlier it was reported that the number of tickets of the fourth price category will be a minimum of 350 thousand, the Minimum price of the ticket is 1280 rubles.

Sale of tickets for matches of the 2018 world Cup will be implemented in three phases, each of which will include the selling period by random drawing of lots and the period of sale in order of arrival. The first phase of sales kicked off on September 14, tickets will be sold by lottery prior to October 12, and from 16 to 28 November in. In the second stage to obtain the tickets by the drawing of lots will be from 5 Dec to 31 Jan, in turn – from 13 March to 3 April. At the last stage from April 18 to July 15, tickets will only be sold in the order queue.

The Director-General of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Sergey Sorokin at the meeting, said that the organization continues to work for the extension of the fourth category, which is available only to citizens of Russia, corresponding letters are already sent to FIFA on behalf of the Chairman of the organizing Committee, Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko.

All, according to him, the planned implementation of 2 million 600 thousand. For today, has already sent 1.3 million applications. Of the foreigners most active are residents of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the United States – they account for about 175 thousand applications.

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The stadiums will be ready in time

Of course, one of the main issues was the willingness of the football stadiums. The Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov said that the high degree of readiness of stadiums in Yekaterinburg (85%, the contractor “Sinara – development”), Rostov-on-don (86%) and Kaliningrad (83%, the contractor JSC “Crocus”). According to Kolobkov, the degree of completion is reached at arenas in Volgograd and Nizhny Novgorod (73%, the contractor JSC “Stroytransgaz”), Saransk (67%) and Samara (65%, the contractor PSO “Kazan”).

“There is a gap in the individual stages of work at the stadium in Samara – up to six months. Against the contractor penalized. Developed a schedule of elimination of the backlogs and installed daily monitoring of its implementation”, – said the Minister of sport.

Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Sochi, which hosted the matches of the confederations Cup, already have prepared the arena for the matches of the tournament.

The Russian President instructed the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation to develop the Concept of the legacy of the world Cup and create the cities that will host matches, kids football camps to football infrastructure after the tournament worked and attracted people’s attention to sports and healthy lifestyle.

“Well Done, Sergei”

Focus on the future in his speech did the President “Zenith” Sergey Fursenko, noting that in Russia thanks to modern football stadiums have been a revolution and that to spiritualize this infrastructure is possible only due to the beautiful and spectacular football. “Sometimes the beauty of football for the fans is more important than the result,” he said.


World Cup in Russia
The main trophy of world football will visit 24 cities in four months

However, the President of the country in the words of Fursenko found a discrepancy with the policy pursued by the “Zenit” in the matter of composition.

“Well Done, Sergei! A truly Russian game – football! Eight foreigners running around on the field for Zenit to play in the Europa League! In well done!” – responded the head of state.

He added: “And two citizens of the Russian Federation. And one goalkeeper”. “I wonder you told us everything,” estimated performance of Fursenko, Putin.

The head of the Petersburg club has noticed that the Russian players are progressing in the fight with foreigners for a place in the first team, so Zenit is preparing for the world Cup. “And the result will be, you will see”, – he promised. “Okay. Let’s see,” – said the President.

The expectation of a decent game

Putin recalled that the fans expect from the Russian team at the world championship on football of 2018, a decent game and the full impact on each match.

“We can build up the country football pitches, engage in football, millions of people, but tomorrow the team will lose and everyone will say that we have the worst football – shared his vision of the development of football in the country Mutko. And there are countries where players are performing in other Championships, such as Croatia, and then come to the national team and win. And everyone starts saying, “What’s their football!”

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“We needed to find a middle ground that will lead to the result. And now we’ve found the happy medium and move,” he added.

Their rivals, the national team recognizes December 1, during the draw for the final stage of the world Cup, which will be held in the Kremlin Palace of congresses. A day earlier, as reported by Sorokin, held a presentation of the official ball of the tournament.

All tournaments will feature 32 teams. The tournament is qualified, only eight, however, to see the training grounds that will be given to the selection of the participating teams of the world Cup, had representatives from 28 national federations.

“Each team will be given three pre-match training grounds, 36 in total. And 67 bases to choose from, which will be located not only in the host cities, but throughout the Russian Federation “, – said Sorokin.

The attention of the world scale

He also talked about other organizational issues related to the world Cup. So, the headquarters of FIFA will be located in the hotel “Ukraine” and security at the FIFA world Cup 2018 will follow about 14.5 thousand employees of private security companies (PSC) and 16.5 thousand supervisors. On security, the President emphasized.

The Minister of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov announced that the full readiness of the telecommunications infrastructure for the world Cup will be provided in may 2018. “For the first time in history to be broadcast in the format of ultra-high resolution, it first is used in FIFA-for all matches,” he added. The Minister also noted that 11 thousand subscribers will have a professional radio TETRA format, will be provided video conferencing and remote translations into nine languages.

Viewers of the world Cup in 2018 will be half the population of the planet.