Vladimir Putin

© Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS

MOSCOW, July 30. /TASS/ Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the law “on amendments to the Air code of the Russian Federation in the part of the baggage” . The text of the document was posted on the legal portal on Sunday.

The law allows carriers to take the passengers money for the carriage of baggage in the case that it is flying only with hand Luggage.

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It also cancels the obligation of the carrier to a free trial to carry baggage 10 kg per passenger. “The contract of air carriage of passengers, providing the condition of the return carriage charges upon termination of the contract of air carriage of passengers, may not provide the normal free baggage allowance. In the event that this agreement be passenger aircraft agrees to pay for air carriage, and upon delivery to them of Luggage carriage of baggage,” reads the document. The new rule will only apply to non-refundable tickets.

As previously reported by TASS, the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov, the norm is aimed solely to reduce the cost of air transportation for passengers and can reduce the cost of tickets for non-refundable airline fares by 10-20%.