Wednesday, may 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on ensuring the stable operation of the Russian segment of the Internet in case of disconnection from the global infrastructure, effective in November. However, certain provisions earn only in 2021. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”, reports “Russian conversation”.

The document in particular envisages the creation of a Roskomnadzor monitoring center and network management of public communication. It will ensure the availability of communication services in Russia in all “extraordinary” situations, and to coordinate the efforts of the operators in such situations.

The law does not affect the internal network without Internet access.

We will remind, ex-partner Pavel Durov for his work on the social network “Vkontakte” Anton Rosenberg assessed the likelihood of Russia off the United States from a global computer Network.

Furthermore, Russian physicists have created a unique algorithm, which will significantly increase the speed of the Internet.

As previously reported, Putin has placed the dot on the “I” in the issue of Internet freedom in Russia.