Photo: Getty Putin spoke about the “elite” in the KGB

The leader of the Russian Federation told about the connection of his work with illegal exploration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his work in foreign intelligence of the USSR was connected with the scouts-illegal immigrants. He told about it in the program Vesti on Saturday.

“All my work in the foreign intelligence of the USSR, was connected not just with the foreign intelligence Service, namely the illegal intelligence. And I know that it’s for people… to Abandon their current life to abandon their loved ones from home and leave the country for many, many years, to devote his life to serving the Fatherland, not everyone can. This can only selected”, – he said.

Earlier during a meeting with the class teacher of senior classes, Putin told how he decided to become a scout and why he decided to be a pilot .

Putin in 1985-1990 First chief Directorate of the KGB (foreign intelligence) worked in Dresden as Director of the local friendship House USSR-GDR.


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