The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

“American partners are using terrorists to drive the internal political situation in Russia”, – Putin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the U.S. is using terrorists for destabilizing the political situation in Russia. He said this in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone, shown on Showtime.

According to Putin, “when the problems started in Chechnya, the North Caucasus, the U.S., unfortunately, supported these processes.”

The Russian President noted that the cold war is gone, “Russia has a clear and transparent relationship with the world, with Europe and the United States.”

“And of course we counted on the support, but instead saw that the American intelligence agencies just support terrorists . And I’ll tell you now, in my opinion, the important thing is we now have an absolutely strong opinion that our American partners on the words talking about the support of Russia, talking about cooperation, including in combating terrorism, and in fact use these terrorists for the buildup of the political situation in Russia”, – said Putin.

Putin discussed with Clinton “accession” to NATO

We will remind, earlier Putin declared that Russia would not interfere in the internal politics of other countries.

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