On 8 March the head of state during the meeting with the staff of the perinatal center in the Bryansk expressed confidence that the Russian authorities will be able to increase wages by 2018.

According to the President, the government intends to raise wages to 200% of the average for the region. The level of salaries of Junior and middle staff will be 100%, reports “Russian conversation”.

“I assume that we will achieve these indicators”, – said Vladimir Putin.

The Russian leader expressed satisfaction with the fact that medical institutions use 60% equipment world-class, produced in Russia. Some instruments are the result of the conversion. Putin noted that the part of the medical equipment produced defense companies .

During the conversation with the doctors, the President noted the high contribution of the Chairman of the Russian government Olga Golodets in the creation of the territory of the country of new modern health facilities neonatal nursing.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue”, Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian women on International women’s day, quoting the poet Konstantin Balmont, who dedicated their line to the fair sex.