The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

Ukrainians will not be required in Russia of the documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the Governor of the Belgorod region plans to facilitate the granting of citizenship of the Russian Federation of immigrants from Ukraine, RIA Novosti reported.

Now the Ukrainians who want to obtain Russian citizenship, will no longer require a certificate of renunciation of citizenship of Ukraine.

“We will introduce in the near future changes in applicable law and will not require them (immigrants from Ukraine) the papers confirming their citizenship (Ukraine)”, − said Putin.

The Russian leader added that the new rules will be sufficient to provide only a confirmation that the person has addressed to the authorities of Ukraine to renounce the citizenship.

He also noted that this issue was devoted to one of the claims submitted to it during a Straight line . The author of the statement complained that to obtain Russian citizenship he needs to get help on the way out of the Ukrainian citizenship, but such a document in Kiev do not give him.

A record number of Ukrainians to get Russian citizenship

Earlier it was reported that the Russian state Duma adopted amendments to simplify the process of obtaining citizenship and residence permits for Ukrainians.