The scheme is straightforward, even primitive.

The Kremlin decided not to torment and earlier than expected, opened the scheme for the transfer of power in Russia after 2024. Now, somehow, even embarrassing to use the word “transit/transfer”, because to move around nobody will be the main face remains in place.

People already knew that President Vladimir Putin isn’t going anywhere, and he and his entourage were pushed neatly to the idea. Remember not only the words of ex-presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, nalkowska about the option of zeroing the timing, and Putin himself, who during his visit to Ivanovo pointedly talked about the change of power only after achieving stability. What kind of stability when oil prices fell again, while the Euro and the dollar pulled rocket up?

Worst of all, for the deputies of the state Duma. No, not for each individually, and for himself the power Institute. Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has spent four years of his life, entrusted to him to the ward no longer call a “mad printer” and “circus with horses”. And now, all his efforts, too, zeroed, and literally in one day. Now, even if the Duma and the truth will be allowed to appoint a Prime Minister, no one would believe that she was just a little stronger.

How was the circus, and left. Because the second part of the operation “2024” decided to spend it with the participation of deputies. And it looked like a mockery of them. Sure, a prominent United Russia party Aleksandr Karelin didn’t know that it will make “sitting duck”. In the morning plenary session of the state Duma he haltingly suggested with voices to consider in the second reading amendments to the constitutional amendment on early elections to the state Duma. Karelin spoke as if memorized the text, but sense is not aware of.

Then strained and Volodin — it was clear that he does not understand what is happening. Faction of the Communist party happened outright shock.

First the floor was taken by one of the early members of the Parliament, Communist Nikolai Kharitonov, who immediately remembered Yeltsin the decree about dissolution of the Supreme Council and the subsequent adoption of the first Russian Constitution. After him are against early elections, he expressed and Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

Early elections were only the leaders of the liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky and a just Russia Sergei Mironov. The other members clearly did not understand what was happening. And suddenly the word took the world’s first woman-cosmonaut, Russia ‘s Valentina Tereshkova. Reading a piece of paper, it proposed to nullify the presidential terms and thus to allow Vladimir Putin to remain in power in Russia after 2024, another 12 years — until 2036.

Vyacheslav Volodin announced a break for consultations with the President and the Duma. And already at 15.00 on Okhotny Ryad suddenly arrived and Putin himself. His statement even more shocked deputies, as he opposed early elections to the state Duma, thereby closing the corresponding question, but approved the amendment to abolish presidential terms. Provided that this provision will support not only the citizens of voting on April 22 but the constitutional court.

It was the culmination of a clearly orchestrated pre-show, in which the MPs took the shameful role used blindly that they like on his behalf initiated the necessary amendments, and then retreated into the background, where they belong.

Karelin clearly looked offended when he was asked to withdraw from consideration its proposal on early elections, although the text had already been submitted and ready for approval by the state Duma. Yes, there’s that amendment! While some deputies sat in chairs in preinfarction condition, the others quickly decided that those who do not pereizberat in early elections, to pay compensation in the amount of annual earnings.

Volodin also sighed with relief — he will sit out in the speaker’s chair until 2021, as wanted, and then, suddenly, authorize another convening to fight for the improvement of the “subjectivity” of the state Duma.

Now the plan is clear: first, the people will vote (where he go?) April 22 for amendments to the Constitution, which turn Russia into a country with a super-presidential power. The next time the citizens will come to polling stations in September 2021 for the elections to the state Duma, and then in 2024 to keep at the helm of the current President for at least another 6-12 years.

The scheme is straightforward, even primitive. But this time to get used to and learn to finally understand our power, and not to attribute to her more than she is able to produce.

Elena Zemskova, “Rosbalt”