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MOSCOW, June 4. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a traditional session of the answers to the questions of Russians in a live broadcast on 15 June. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin. The upcoming “Straight line” will be the 15th in a row for Putin.

“June 15, 2017 at 12:00 Moscow time on air of the First TV channels, “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia” will be an annual special program “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”, – stated in the message.

“In the tradition of previous programs, the head of state during a dialogue with Russians will answer questions relating to the socio-political and socio-economic life of the country and the international situation”, – said the press service of the Kremlin.

How to ask a question

Ask your question by phone by sending an SMS or MMS message, as well as through the website or a special mobile application .

References to “Straight line” are also taken from social media users, this time two: “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”. This year with the help of social networks you can send not only text questions but also to ask the President, video.

In addition, directly during the broadcast to host your video feed with the Studio “Straight line” as the owners of the app “Moscow – Putin” and those who have mobile devices installed “OK Live” – the first Russian application for online broadcasts that are distributed for free in AppStore and GooglePlay.

Questions will be accepted from 08:00 GMT. On 4 June until the end of the program. The most interesting and actual of them will be given to the President during the live broadcast.

To reach a Unified message center from anywhere in Russia by number 8-800-200-40-40. Calls from landlines and mobile phones are free. From abroad to call the call centre by phones: +7-499-550-40-40, +7-495-539-40-40.

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Questions in the form of SMS and MMS messages are accepted to the number 0-40-40 only phones with Russian operators. Sending messages for free. Ask questions only in Russian and volume no more than 70 characters.

Send your question through the website moskva-putinu.ru (Moscow-Putin.of the Russian Federation). There’s also detailed information available about the upcoming “Straight line”, the methods of communication with a Single message center and on previous programs.

The official app of “Moscow – Putin” for mobile devices is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay. Official groups in social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” – vk.com/moskvaputinu and ok.ru/moskvaputinu.

June 15 on the website of the program and the Public television of Russia (OTR) will be available to stream sign language.

App OK Live

As reported TASS the press service of the social network “Schoolmates”, a special app OK Live will not only send a question in text format, but also to establish their own “live” to communicate with the head of state.

“Classmates” are planning to engage in live communication with the Russian President on June 15. On June 4 in a special group of “Straight line” in this social network will begin collecting questions for the President. Ask questions in text form and in video format.

On the day of the “Straight line” with OK Live, registered users will be able to create the stream, that is your direct channel, and wait for a response. All the stream will be visible to the editor of the broadcast “Straight line” who can write a comment to the user or call him directly from the app, to find out his question to the President. The authors of the best questions connect to the live broadcast with Vladimir Putin.

In a press-service of the social network clarified that while waiting I can continue to watch the broadcast “Straight line” on the screen OK Live.

The story of a “Straight line”

“Direct line with Vladimir Putin” – a television program, during which the President responds live to questions from residents of Russia and neighboring countries. The last such program was held on 14 April 2016.

For the first time such a format of communication of the President with the citizens on national television and radio channels was organized on 24 December 2001. In the future, “Straight lines” was held annually, except in 2004 and 2012.

Only Putin took part in 14 programs, including 10 times in as President and four as Prime Minister. According to the President, “direct contacts with citizens give a very true slice of what the worries and the interests of society”.

During the first “Straight line” in 2001, Putin was addressed to 400 thousand questions; later their number increased steadily and by 2015 exceeded 3.25 million

Direct inclusion

An integral part of the programs are broadcasts from different settlements, where local people in a videoconference have the opportunity to ask the President a question. All the years of the existence of a program broadcast “Straight lines” had more than 100 inclusions from regions of Russia and States of the former Soviet republics.

It is because of live broadcasts, which usually took place from located in mobile studios, in October 2012, the decision was made to reschedule the programme at a warmer time of year, so weather conditions do not interfere with those outside. 2013 “Straight lines” were held in April.

At the same time “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” will be held later. As explained the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, this is dictated by the schedule of the President.

He also denied speculation that the postponement to a later date was connected with the protests, which took place in late March. According to him, the decision on the date of the “Straight line” was taken a few months before the opposition rallies.