In Rospechat presented a Grand “Anthology of modern poetry of the peoples of Russia” is 57 languages, 229 poets, 142 interpreter in one book. A unique project that opens the space of ethnic and cultural diversity of our country, presented the organising Committee for the support of literature, publishing and reading in the Russian Federation chaired by Sergei Naryshkin. The book begins with an introductory speech by Vladimir Putin.

Photo courtesy of the press service of Rospechat

The President wrote: “Dear readers! We are proud of the history and wonderful traditions of our multinational literature. The names of Gabdulla Tukai, mustaya Karima, Rasul Gamzatov, Fazu Aliyeva, other prominent poets and writers known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. And their works are our General, truly unique property . Your inspired creativity, all his life, they argued, the ideals of peace, humanism and justice, the great value of the unity of our beloved country, saving centuries-old unique culture of all peoples of the country.

I note that today in Russia a lot of talented authors writing in their native languages. It is important that their poetic lines were heard, found its way to the hearts of people. I am sure that the “anthology of poetry of the peoples of Russia”, which contains original texts of modern Russian poets, and their translations into the Russian language will make a significant contribution to the preservation and development of national literatures of Russia, will be interesting to a wide circle of readers.”

“Anthology of modern poetry of the peoples of Russia” opens a series of genre anthologies representing to the General reader a vivid and unexpected worlds of literature produced in the languages of the peoples of our country.

It includes original poetry by contemporary authors on 57 national languages in the quarter century existence of the new Russia; their artistic translations into the Russian language made by modern poets, continue and develop the traditions of Russian school of translation (and the vast majority of the texts translated for the first time specifically for the anthology); review essays on each literary language and the poetic traditions of the peoples of Russia; a brief bio-bibliographic information about the authors of the anthology.

“Completed a lot of work, which for the first time in the history of modern Russia, for the first time in a quarter of a century, under one cover, the collected works of the best poets of our multinational country, – said Sergey Naryshkin. – Worked as a team of professionals, enthusiasts. Their energy, perseverance, and love of literature are the components of success. The organizing Committee tried to help by combining the efforts and authorities, and poets, and translators. The publication could not take place without its national authors and talented people who make a huge contribution to the preservation and development of cultural diversity of Russia. With the release of the anthology, many of them finally declare itself on the Federal and even international level and will have the opportunity to gain a new audience. And in order to expand the number of readers, I propose to present the anthology at the book festival “Red square”, which will be held in early June in Moscow.”

The project required some eighteen months of preparation, more than 800 people from different parts of our country.