Putin said that Prince Yaroslav the Wise Anna Yaroslavna – Russian

The Russian President believes that Russian-French relations began in the eleventh century.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise “our beloved Prince”, and his daughter Anna Yaroslavna – “Russian Anna”.

He said this in France at a press conference with President Emauele a Macron.

“With the visit of Tsar Peter (the first edition) in France began the history of Russian-French relations. It has much deeper roots. The educated French public know about the Russian Anne – Queen of France”, – said Putin.

“Youngest daughter of our beloved Prince Yaroslav the Wise was the wife of Henry I, and made a significant contribution to the development of France as one of the founders of two European dynasties of the Bourbons and Valois, one of which still reigns in Spain,” he added .

Earlier, Putin called Vladimir the Great “our great ancestor” and “the spiritual founder of the Russian state”. This was said at the opening of the monument to Prince in Moscow.

President Petro Poroshenko then said that Russia assigns to someone else.