TASS, 8 Aug. North Korea threatened to take “physical actions” in response to the adoption by the UN Security Council in its relation to additional sanctions. This is stated in a statement on Tuesday the Agency tstak the statement of the Committee for peace in the Asia-Pacific region.

“The enemies should not forget that we are ready to take ruthless policy measures, including physical action, fully mobilizing our national strength,” the document says. The adoption of the UN security Council a new resolution against North Korea it is characterized as a “terrorist act”.

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The UN security Council on 5 August unanimously adopted a resolution toughening sanctions against North Korea after it conducted in July, two launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles . The document envisages a ban on exports from this country of a number of minerals and products, including coal, iron, lead, and seafood.

The resolution also established a ban on the creation of new joint ventures with the DPRK and additional investments in already existing firms. In accordance with the document countries, employing North Korean workers, are prohibited from increasing their number. The resolution also obliges States not to allow its ports a vessel engaged by the special Committee of the UN security Council in violation of the sanctions regime.

The sanctions include targeted measures against 13 individuals and companies related to nuclear and missile programs of Pyongyang. According to estimates from the American side, the full observance of new restrictions will reduce the annual foreign exchange earnings of the DPRK, components now about $3 billion, $1 billion.

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