No immunity after the first wave of infection can begin the second. The quarantine will help minimize the spread of the virus.

Restrictions in the form of quarantine should act until you find a vaccine against coronavirus. About it reports The Guardian.

Scientists from the University of Hong Kong, warned that China was able to take control of the first wave of the epidemic because of strict quarantine measures. But now the country’s record new infections СOVID-19.

According to experts, the quarantine is necessary to weaken gradually, adjusting the country’s means of controlling the spread of the virus. It will have to do until the vaccine against the coronavirus.

You should also consider the risks of “importation” of the virus from abroad, and the importance of ensuring that countries resources and medical staff.

Earlier it was reported that researchers have figured out how long the coronavirus lives in masks. Also the Reporter wrote about what happens to the light those who had COVID-19 asymptomatic.

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