The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday 229-th vote at a necessary minimum in 226 adopted the law “On the safety and hygiene of feed” (No. 2845), which defines requirements for marking, packaging, transportation and turnover of feeds and feed additives.

The document defines the legal and organizational basis of production and turnover of animal feed, regulates relations between Executive authorities and market operators feed.

In particular, in voted the bill establishes main principles of state control of feed; the rights and obligations of market operators; the order of registration, termination, renewal, cancellation of state registration of facilities; requirements for the production and circulation of feed, facilities that produce feed for their import to Ukraine; responsibility for violation of legislation on feeds .

In his speech in the Verkhovna Rada Deputy of the head of agrarian Committee Alexander Bakumenko added that the second reading of the bill included some provisions of the alternative draft law No. 2845-1.