The representatives of radical groups demanded to cancel the performance of the popular singer.

It reports “Russian Dialogue, with reference to “”.

Svetlana was going to make with a big solo concert in Odessa, scheduled for may 28. But her performance was under threat. The former head of “Right sector” Sergei Sternenko started using social networking to encourage people to go to the rally against the concert Loboda.

According to the representative of the nationalist movement, the performer should not act in Ukraine, as quite often visits Russia to give concerts. Sergey also said that she supposedly is a disgrace to his native country, speaking abroad.

Sternenko encouraged to come to the rally for everyone, to bring any means of protection in order to be able to repel the guards .

Recall, this is not the first case of attempts to disrupt concerts of the representatives of such organizations. In some cities of Ukraine protests against the actions of Ani Lorak, Potap Nastya Kamenskih. The reason is everywhere: the nationalists are not satisfied that the artists love to come to Russia and to please the local audience, performing their hits.