Nationalists, walled up the entrance to the Central branch of Sberbank of Russia in Kiev, planning to do the same way to stop all the Russian financial institutions in the Ukrainian capital.

The radicals announced the riots in other branches of Sberbank of Russia in Kiev, which in total there are about two dozen, according to “Russian conversation”.

Representatives of the “National body” pasting on the branches of Russian banks in the leaflets calling for depositors to withdraw their funds, and several departments had already been bricked up entrance. The nationalists also said that on Tuesday, March 14, will not allow Bank employees to come to work and continue their outrages.

Recall the riots at the building of Sberbank of Russia began in Kiev on Monday . The radicals have bricked up the entrance to a financial institution and forced to suspend his work, and then started burning flares and smoke bombs. The police helped the rioters no resistance.