Neowise over the beach, Alki beach, Seattle
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In the night from 22 to 23 July, a rare and very ancient comet Neowise was flying as close to the Ground. Share your best shots of this event and tell about the features of this cosmic body.

A comet with two tails

We witnessed a unique phenomenon, since the comet Neowise can be found only once in the 6800 thousands of years.

The size of the comet is about 5 km, and the core is covered with dark particles since its formation at the dawn of the Solar system 4.6 billion years ago.

It’s outer body revolves around the Sun in an elongated orbit, the most distant point of which is from us on distance of 715 astronomical units. When the comet approaches the Sun, its outer shell is heated, thus forming a tail of gas and dust.